Learn to play pickleball in Tucson (for free!)

Have you been wanting to learn to play pickleball but maybe don't know where to get started? I'd love to show you the basics and tell you what I've learned about the various pickleball communities here in the Tucson area. You'll discover how easy it is to learn (although harder to master) and also how fun it can be! One thing I love about pickleball is that it brings people together from all walks of life. It really is a community sport and I want more people to know how to play it and get connected to their community. Sign-up and I'd be happy to meet you on the court and teach you how to play. I'm offering free 1-hour sessions to go over the basic rules and gameplay. I don't have any pickeball certification and I'm not qualified to teach you anything advanced, but I will send you home with a list of local instructors to learn more if you decide you enjoy playing it.

Location: We'll likely play at Riverfront Park in Oro Valley, but that's open to change. Once you sign up I'll message you and we'll figure out the best spot.

How many people do I need? The most common version of pickleball requires 4 people, so it's best if you can include 2-3 friends when you register. Don't have enough people? Just put that in the notes when you sign-up and we'll figure something out.

Do I need to buy anything? Nope. I'm not charging anything and I have extra paddles, so if you don't have your own paddle, no worries. Just let me know in the notes that you need a paddle. I look forward to meeting you!

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